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How it all began

How it all began I had been playing guitar and singing in a country band with four ambitious musicians for a couple of years. We did a country jam every Tuesday night at the Rynborn in Antrim. That was a fun gig. Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson came by and sat in. He was always very…


BB King

From “Man-Child” to Blues Royalty…. Long Love the King by TJ Wheeler The 20 year old Black man in May 1945 was having mixed feelings about his life’s prospects. There was a World War still raging and still another in his inner world. After all, at his young age he had already achieved the coveted…

TBA December/January cover

Issue Dec/Jan 2015

Get this new issue with a profile of New England’s own guitar master George McCann by writer Art Simas Also TJ Wheeler muses on a century of grassroots music and how it shaped the history of the 20th Century Check out the live Blues schedules of New England’s hard working Blues bands and make plans…


Roomful of Blues

Award winning Roomful of Blues has a wonderful new record. It is a cooperative effort from the band, deciding on the tunes and executing them the way only these veteran musicians can. Chris Vachon is the lead guitarist and leader of the band. He has lived through good and bad times (economically) with the band….

Wendy and Joe

Smoken Joe’s

Publisher’s Note: More about Smoken’ Joe’s I spoke to Wendy on Tuesday the 23rd and asked her to tell me what was happening. “We were hoping to sell the business and move to another location but with all the trouble with the landlord we had no time to make that happen. Having dumped most of…

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