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Guermillo Randall and me

Costarican adventure/disaster

These are the brave men who came out in those rough seas to pick us up out of the water. Guermillo Santamaria and Randall Cordova     HELLO FELLOW BLUES LOVERS I usually don’t write about my life in this newsletter but I will make an exception this time. I know a lot of people…


Ex-President’s File- Blues News

    Karen Nugent is the ex-president of The Boston Blues Society, a tireless volunteer and live Blues music supporter and writer, you may know her now, or meet her on the dancefloor in the future. This is her singular take on the scene as she sees it. Let’s start off by being thankful that…

Blues Audience Feb/March issue

Current Issue February/March 2015

The current issue has an interview with Chris Fitz.  Also an exciting story about a cruise gone wrong from our publisher. Blues news by Sistah Karen Nugent and MOST IMPORTANTLY the Feb/March schedules of New England’s finest Blues bands and clubs! You can also get the PRINT click on the SUBSCRIBE button above and proceed…

TBA December/January cover

Issue Dec/Jan 2015

Get this new issue with a profile of New England’s own guitar master George McCann by writer Art Simas Also TJ Wheeler muses on a century of grassroots music and how it shaped the history of the 20th Century Check out the live Blues schedules of New England’s hard working Blues bands and make plans…

’64 -’14 50th Freedom Summer Jubilee

1964 – 2014 50th Jubilee: Musings on the Beatles, Mississippi Freedom Summer and the Inherent Protest of the Blues the Blues musings of TJ Wheeler, Blues musician and educator It is time for reflection on the 50th commemoration of events of The Freedom Summer of 1964. Perhaps it might even be a muse for your…

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