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24 years ago, The Blues Audience newsletter was developed to help live Blues musicians, working in New England, get their schedule to their fans all over the northeast.

Through good times and bad for the live music business, we have continued to support the Blues scene in New England. The result is the newsletter is the only Blues publication in this part of the country offering the schedules of our great N.E. Blues bandsto the most loyal fans of this great American music!
Blues fans receive the newsletter in the mail and share its contents with their friends, planning nights out at N.E. Blues clubs and special events.

We introduce new people to the newsletter, people who are out in a club. Everything we do is driven by the premise of promoting live and recorded Blues in New England.

Your advertising in the will be seen and read by thousands of upscale readers who have the money and the inclination to attend live performances, events and Festivals all over the New England area.


all advertising appears in the inside front or back cover.

Full page 7.5 x 10” B+W$340 color $400
Half page 7.5 x 4.75” B+W$210 color $270
1/4th pg 3.625 x 4.375” B+W$130 color $185
1/8th pg 3.625 x 2.125” B+W$90 color $ 105

Call for details and availability.

Bottom Line? You get more customers!
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The Blues Audience newsletter is published by Across The Board Graphic Design since 1991..