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Band List
  • 2120 South Michigan Avenue
    Tom Wright - guitar
    John Hoik - drums
    "Aldo"Dorr - bass
    Charlie Sawyer - vocals, harmonica
    “Spud” Mike Kelly - vocals
    Scott LeBlanc - guitars
    Jeff Lorenzen – bass
    James Thomas – drums
    Shakey Steve – harmonicas
  • Annie Raines & Paul Rishell
    Annie vocals and harmonica
    Paul vocals and guitar
  • Arthur James Band
    Arthur James - guitar, vocals
    Connie Putnam - bass
    Ephraim Lowell – drums
  • Barrett Anderson
  • Big Jon Short
  • Bluez Doctors
    Alan Kline - guitar and vocals
    Michael Cain - Bass
    Jay Acari - Drums
    Mike Uiterwijk - guitar
    Jeff Stark - Harp
  • Boogie Men
    Junie Bellanger
  • Brant Taylor Band
    Brandt Taylor - vocals, guitar
    Mike Golembeski - keyboards
    Nick D'Errico - drums
    Andrew Dapkin - bass
  • Chris Fitz Band Chris Fitz - lead singer, guitar
    Jeffrey Majeau - bass
    Steven Wolpe - drummer, back up vocals
  • Cynthia Fabian & Co.
    Cynthia fabian - vocals
    Carl Ricci - guitar
    Nick Longo - drums
    Larry "Buzzy" Fallstrom - keyboards
  • Dan Stevens
    Dan Stevens - vocals, guitar, harmonica
  • The Dave Keller Band
    Dave Keller - vocals, guitar
    Brett Hoffman - drums
    Gary Lotspeich - bass
    Ira Friedman - keys
  • Diane Blue
    My band is a rotating cast of characters...but most often it includes
    Bobby Gus - guitar
    Sven Larson - bass
    Steve Bankuti - drums
  • Delanie Pickering
  • Downtown Dave & the Deep Pockets
    Dave Glannon - harmonica & vocals
    Joe Zangri - bass
    Mike Rivela - guitar
    Rick King - Drums
    Leroy Pina - Drums
  • Duke Robillard band
    Duke Robillard - guitar
    Sonny Crownover - vocals
    Doug James - saxophone
  • Easy Baby
    Kelly Rago - vocals
    Trevor West - guitar
    Rich Badowski - harp
    Dennis Cotton - drums
    Mac Ce Lavie - bass
  • Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers
    Erin Harpe - lead vocals, guitar
    Jim Countryman - bass
    Bob Nisi - drums, backing vocals
    Sonny Jim Clifford - slide guitar, harmonica
    Richard Rosenblatt - VIP Blues harp
  • “Evil Gal” Michelle Willson
    Zac Casher - drums
    Sven Larson - bass ( acoustic and electric )
    Mike Mele - guitar
    Scott Shetler - sax, clarinet
    Shinichi Otsu – keys
    Gordon Beadle - saxophone
  • Gracie Curran & The High Falutin' Band 
    Gracie Curran - Vocals
    Cole Arthur - Guitar
    Mike Hern - Bass
    Matt Cutlip - Drums
    Mike Speranza - Bass
    Mark Hennessy - Drums
    Ryan Newman - Guitar
    Kosher Kid - harp, vocals
  • James Montgomery Band
    David Hull – bass
    George McCann – guitar
    Jeff Thompson – drums
    (sometimes) Marty Richards – drums
  • Kid Pinky
    Tom Wright - guitar
    John Hoik - drums
    Jock Irvine - bass
    Steve Prisby - vocals, keyboards and harmonica
  • Lights Out Blues Band
    Jim Atkinson - guitar and vocals
    Gary Bernath - harmonica, sax and vocals
    Sebastian Kossak or Larry Takki - drums
    Ray Fisk - bass         
  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie - vocals
  • Lois Lane & The Daily Planets
    Lois Hayes - vocals
    Peter Fedele - Guitar
    Lee Lundy - Bass
    Cliff Goodman - Drums
  • Love Dogs
    Eddie Scheer - lead vocals, percussion and drums
    Myanna - alto & tenor sax, vocals
    Glenn Shambroom - baritone sax, guitar
    Alizon Lissance - keyboards, accordion and vocals
    Randy Bramwell - bass, vocals
    Steve Brown - drums, vocals
  • Mama Love & the Motivators
    Kendall Bush - vocals
    Craig Farrington - guitar & vocals
    Howard Randall - guitar
    Mickey Maguire - bass
    Ephraim Lowell - Drums
  • Mark Nomad Band
    Mark Nomad - guitar, vocals
    Peter King - bass
    John O'Boyle - bass
    Billy Klock - drums
    Dale Monette - drums
    Sturgis Cunningham - drums
    Bob Hill - drums
    Doug Jones - sax
    Rich Badowski - harmonica
  • Mighty Soul Drivers
    Bob Orsi - vocals, guitar
    River City Slim - drums, vocals
    John Smaayda - sax
    Andy Karlok - bass
    Steve Donavan - keyboards
    Larry Willey - guitar
  • Mike Crandall Band
    Mike Crandall harmonica - vocals
    Shawn Leonard - guitar
    Ed Parnagoni - bass
    Dan Bungy - drums
  • Mr. Nick & the Dirty Tricks
    Nick "Mr. Nick" David - vocals, harmonica
    "Lonely" Gus Carlson - guitar vocals
    Ted "Teddy B" Bukowski  - bass
    Rick Rousseau - drums, vocals
  • Night Train
    Jeff "JB" Berg - vocals, guitar
    Mike Law - bass
    Tim Brown - drums
  • Otis & The Elevators
    Tom Wright - guitar
    Dave Brown - bass
    Jeremy Brown - keyboards
    Carol Chaplin - drums
    Otis Doncaster - vocals, harmonica
  • Peter Parcek - guitar, vocals
    Joe Klompus - bass
    Richard Malcolm - drums
    or Andrew Jones - drums
  • Professor Harp
    Professor Harp – vocals, harmonica
    Tom Williams - guitar
  • Racky Thomas Band
    Racky Thomas - vocals, harmonica, guitar
    Pete Henderson - guitar
    Matt McCabe - piano
    Brad Hallen - bass
    Michael Avery - drums
  • RobCats
    Rob Nelson- guitar
    Tom McDermott Drums
    Greg Liocci Bass
  • Ron Levy
  • Ronnie Earl
    Ronnie Earl - guitar
    Bruce Katz - piano
    Lorne Entress – drums
  • Roomful of Blues
    Chris Vachon - guitar
    Phil Pemberton - vocals
    Rusty Scott - keyboards
    Chris Rivelli - drums
    John Turner - bass
    Rich Lataille - tenor and alto sax
    Mark Earley - tenor and baritone sax
    Doug Woolverton - trumpet
  • Roxanne and the Voodoo Rockers
    Roxanne Mann – vocals, percussion
    John Mann – guitar, vocals
    Gary Calderone – saxophone, harmonica
    Mike Cloutier – bass
    Don Boucher – drums
  • Ryans Hartt and the Blue Hearts
    Ryan Hartt - vocals, harp, guitar
    Eric Ducoff - guitar, vocals
    Jeff "JB" Berg - bass, vocals
    Chris Anzalone - drums
  • Shor'ty Billups and His Foxxx Band
    Shor'ty Billups - vocals and drums
    Louis Mayhew - harmonica
    Satoru Nakagawa - guitar
    Sam Mayhew - bass
    Jayo Wharton - saxophone 
  • Skip Philbrick band
    Skip Philbrick - guitar, vocals
    Rusty Corson - bass
    John Hoik - drums
    Jeremy Brown - piano
  • Steve Morgan and the Kingfish are
    Steve Morgan - lead guitar, vocals
    Bryant Edwards - vocals, congas
    Roe Osborn - bass, vocals
    Ed Wanamaker - drums
    Pete Mann - keyboards, vocals
    Paulie Lesniak - sax
  • Stovall Brown band
    Chris Stovall Brown - guitar, harp
    Ephraim Lowell - drums
    Bob Vabulas - bass
  • Sugar Ray and the Bluetones
    Sugar Ray Norcia - vocals, harmonica
    Monster Mike Welch - guitar
    Mudcat Ward - bass
    Anthony Geraci - piano
    Neil Gouvin - drums
  • Toni Lynn Washington Band
    Toni Lynn - vocals
    Bruce Bears- keyboards
    Satoru Nakagawa - guitar, vocal
    Yukiko Fujii - bass, vocal
    Tim Carman – drums
  • Willie J Laws Band
    Willie J. Laws - guitar, vocals
    Malcolm Stuckey - bass
    Osi Brathwaite - drummer
    Bruce Mattson – keys

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