Luther “Gtr. Jr.” Johnson is breaking my heart.


Luther is moving to Florida and I am broken hearted.

I have been incredibly spoiled over the years, being surrounded by so much musical talent. The Rynborn Blues Club was here for all of us, for 18 years, a good chunk of the life of my publication The Blues Audience newsletter. I was spoiled rotten because I didn’t have to travel very far to see Luther, Jimmy Rogers, William Clarke, Carey Bell and his phenominal son, Lurrie, Duke, Bobby Radcliff, Sugar Ray, James Montgomery, Rick Russell and many disbanded bands like Chuck Morris and The Sidewalk Blues, Kat In The Hat just off the top of my head. I could interview them in that intimate bar, no need for a green room, they knew they were among friends and generally mellow, kind people who came to enjoy their music. I have an archive of pictures that is crazy!


So having Luther here all these years has been much the same. He has played for our Barnful of Blues Festival many times and people come from far and wide to see him. He is congenial, gracious and kind to his fans, always quick with a smile and a “Yeaaaah” in his slow drawl. He has been a claim to fame for New Hampshire for all this time. We are not only losing our generous friend, mentor, musical companion who has inspired so many musicians over the years, we are losing a member of the Muddy Waters band, one heck of an authentic West Side  Rocker and probably the coolest person I have ever been friends with. I am losing my cool over this, this is a real loss for this area.

Luther will be leaving sometime in late April. There are a few chances to see him before then. Check our Blues Show Calendar for dates and tickets.This is a sad post, but it is because there is so much love for Luther here in NH and he has loved us back. The people who live in Wildwood, FL don’t even know yet, but they never had it so good.



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