Wendy and Joe

Smoken Joe’s

Publisher’s Note: More about Smoken’ Joe’s I spoke to Wendy on Tuesday the 23rd and asked her to tell me what was happening. “We were hoping to sell the business and move to another location but with all the trouble with the landlord we had no time to make that happen. Having dumped most of…

Diana Blue and Gordon

TBA party at the Cantab Lounge

Friday June 19 at the CANTAB LOUNGE! The Fatback Band with Diane Blue and Sax Gordon! For many years The Cantab was the home of Little Joe Cook “The Peanut Man” so called because he wrote a famous tune called “Peanuts” which has been recorded by many famous people over the years. My friend Mike…

Mathew Stubbs new CD cover

Matt Stubbs cd release party

MATT STUBBS CD RELEASE PARTY AND BLUES AUDIENCE PARTY AT TUPELO MUSIC HALL, LONDONDERRY, NH September 28, 2008 Talk about “making hay while the sun shines,” I have been making the trek (everywhere is “a thousand miles from nowhere” from my house) to clubs all over the place and I had the extra incentive from…

Harp in front of TBA banner

TBA party with Professor Harp

Professor Harp at Del Vaudo’s “I had a ball doing the harmonica boogie and “Harlem Nocturne.” Harp told me. Owner Jim delVaudo called it an “awesome night!” It is a very small club and I know they noticed all sorts of subscribers and friends of The Blues Audience newsletter showed up to party with us…

Gary Bernath Band

TBA Party at Gilrein’s

We had a party, Friday Nov 9, 2007 at Gilrein’s with my old friends the Gary Bernath Blues Band we had a great time with a cake and everything! Gary has been playing blues in the local New England area for as long as I can remember. He has been band mates with his old…

Charlie Scott

The Reprobate Blues Band

Thursday August 14th I went to Orange, MA to check out the scene with the Reprobate Blues Band at Herrick’s Tavern. The wafting smell of cow manuer and that long lovely flat rich land made me a little jealous, being a farmer at heart. That part of Massachusetts is really pretty with all these old…

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