TBA Awards results


The results are in

Thank you for your support and interest in bringing recognition to all of these amazing New England Blues musicians. We are fortunate to have such great entertainers in our local area. That is why we do what we do here at the newsletter.

A number of you missed out on the nomination process which happens before the final voting. Next year we will send out notices requesting nominations in late July and the final voting will be in August for announcing the results in the October/November 25th Anniversary issue!!

Congratulations to all the musicians who were nominated and who won these TBA Awards we are happy to host this Readers Poll which has now turned into an all inclusive community poll.

And the winners are…

SugarRayand Bluetones300

Outstanding New England Band

Sugar Ray and The Bluetones

Sugar Ray & Bluetones

Outstanding Male Singer

Sugar Ray Norcia

Diana Blue and Gordon

Outstanding Female Singer

Diane Blue

chris fitz at c note

Outstanding Guitar Player

Chris Fitz

Racky Thomas

Outstanding Acoustic Musician

Racky Thomas

Ken Clark performing with Chris Fitz

Outstanding Keyboard/ Organ Player

Ken Clark

Outstanding Harmonica Player

Cheryl Arena

Teddy Bukowski

Outstanding Bass Player

Teddy B (Bukowski)

Ephraim Lowell

Outstanding Drummer

Ephraim Lowell

John Moriconi

Outstanding Horn Player

John Moriconi

Eddie Scheer

Most Charismatic Entertainer

Eddie Scheer

Strange Brew Tavern

Outstanding Blues Club

Strange Brew Tavern



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