The Blues Audience newsletter goes on line

White Mountain Boogie N' Blues Festival

It’s now a Free For All! list your gigs or find a great show to attend.

While The Blues Audience newsletter may not live on as a printed publication, it will now transition to an online product for the live Blues lover. It will have up the minute band information and other articles of interest for all Blues enthusiasts. There will be online conversations and it will be free to all!!

“I published the newsletter because I loved doing it … and I love the musicians who give so much of themselves,” she added. “They were what kept me going for 25 years. I have an idea of how hard it is to try to make a living doing what they do. It is not for everybody, but the rewards of a great audience response can really make it worth all the work.”

Now as we transition into the ether, you will have their schedules in your hand, on your phone, at home on your computer and you will be able to plan ahead for a nice night out with friends and lovers.

LIKE the Blues Audience Newsletter Face Book page and FB Group. The schedules on the web site will be added by the bands so there will always new listings to check up on the new calendar page. I know you can go to all the web sites, but hopefully you will find this very convenient to have the schedules in one place, much like the newsletter was, convenient, plan ahead, yes!  And I hope to see you out there somewhere digging live BLUES!!



The Blues Audience newsletter is published by Across The Board Graphic Design since 1991..