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The White Mountains!

Northern NH Blues scene

by Gerri Russell, subscriber, Blues lover                   HEY! There’s Music Up North in Them There Hills!   by Gerri Russell Where can you go for music when you are north of Concord, New Hampshire? There are three places that have wonderful entertainment with good food in the White…

Barnful of Blues 2014 poster

Barnful of Blues 2014

photos and article by Diana Shonk DATELINE: August 2, 2014 The Barnful of Blues Festival in New Boston, NH was on the most perfect day, this summer. Considering past performances of the weather, (we had that hurricane blow thru one year) it makes you gun shy for years afterward. Well this year was just beautiful….

’64 -’14 50th Freedom Summer Jubilee

1964 – 2014 50th Jubilee: Musings on the Beatles, Mississippi Freedom Summer and the Inherent Protest of the Blues the Blues musings of TJ Wheeler, Blues musician and educator It is time for reflection on the 50th commemoration of events of The Freedom Summer of 1964. Perhaps it might even be a muse for your…


Roomful of Blues

Award winning Roomful of Blues has a wonderful new record. It is a cooperative effort from the band, deciding on the tunes and executing them the way only these veteran musicians can. Chris Vachon is the lead guitarist and leader of the band. He has lived through good and bad times (economically) with the band….

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