Northern NH Blues scene

The White Mountains!

by Gerri Russell, subscriber, Blues lover

The White Mountains!

The White Mountains!










HEY! There’s Music Up North in Them There Hills!   by Gerri Russell
Where can you go for music when you are north of Concord, New Hampshire?
There are three places that have wonderful entertainment with good food in the White Mountain region. And the views are spectacular especially this time of year!

The Purple Pit just re-opened in Bristol, New Hampshire.
They book first rate shows on Friday and Saturday nights. When they don’t have a special act the owners kids, play Jazz. Michael plays clairnet, Jacob plays drums, Adam plays bass. It is very small holds about 35-40 people at the little round tables and high tops that they had in Concord, NH before they moved. They sell beer and wine. Their bakery is in the front of the building and you walk through into the club, in the back. There are delicious home-made sandwiches, muffins and tasty iced coffees to buy anytime before, during or after the show. To find out whether the show is Blues, Jazz or Comedy check their web site.

Remington’s in Plymouth, New Hampshire
Another place to see live music is Remington’s. It is less than a year old, named for Lisa, the owner’s 7 year old daughter. It is a full service restaurant right on the border of Rumney and Plymouth on Route 25. They have a Blues Brunch on Sunday from 11am-2pm. Matt Smart, runs the Blues brunch, he is a Boston based musician, plays acoustic tunes and sings and invites other musicians to join in. From quiche to made to order omelets, bacon, muffins and all the trimmings, Lisa makes sure you have a great breakfast. You can order off the menu as well. There is one big dining room and the Blues brunch is on the right.

Pitman’s Freight Room
Up in the White Mountains is Pitman’s Freight Room, located in the old train depot in the center of Laconia right behind the police station. The room has excellent sound, a raised stage and there is a dance floor in front, that is very popular. Pitman’s has Blues, Jazz and sometimes Comedy on the weekends. They have a $10 Italian buffet that you may purchase before the show. And if you are lucky Rory
(the owner Connie’s dog) will camp out next to your seat during the show.
Some of the fantastic acts they have had there are Bruce Marshall, Mr. Nick, Ken Clarke and on October . The chairs and couches are very comfy. (If you like what you are sting in you can probably take it home, it used to be an antique shop, and many of pieces are still for sale.) The show goes from 8-10:30, call 603-527-0043 for details about shows.
Larry Garner will be there Saturday, October 4. Blues Legend Larry Garner is perhaps the most talented blues songwriter alive today, one of the top five bluesmen on the planet.- Real Blues. October 10th is “Dance Night” with The Blues Tonight Band, and It is hard NOT to dance to the Love Dogs on October 24th. Great big dance floor great music, sounds like a win win situation! Check the web site some gigs are BYOB.

There is a renovated movie theater in the center of Plymouth, New Hampshire called The Flying Monkey. Class acts play there as well as local N.E. bands, black and white movies and acoustic shows. The music tends to be mostly Rock, but on November 1, 2014 they have a double bill with Tommy Castro and Sugar Ray & The Bluetones.

These are a few places in the Plymouth area.
Why don’t you come up and see us sometime?



'Northern NH Blues scene' have 3 comments

  1. November 12, 2014 @ 8:47 pm karenuge

    Very nice article! I love northern NH and had no idea there were blues clubs!

    • March 5, 2015 @ 1:39 pm Diana Shonk

      If you would like to drive up there, Eddie Shaw is playing there on Saturday.
      I will pay for your tickets.
      Just a thought, DIana

  2. November 13, 2014 @ 10:28 am Diana Shonk

    I think there may be more going on in the northwoods per capita than is happening down here in southern NH!!!

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