Archived at the University of Mississippi

The Blues Audience newsletter
is proud to announce that an entire collection of T.B.A. is now archived at

The Department of Archives and Special Collections at the John Davis Williams Library at the University of Mississippi!

We are grateful to the University for this service to the Blues community.

A letter from the University of Mississippi

From: Holly G
HOLY MOLEY! Congratulations on your success!
I know how hard you have worked on The Blues Audience Newsletter.
Tirelessly & enthusiastically promoting and supporting New England’s
blues community with the publication and countless events.
I am so proud of you. Please allow yourself, and others that have
supported you and your endeavor, to bask in the glow.
You have made and documented history. One of americas most valuable
cultural inventions that has influenced music for almost a century
around the globe.
I can’t say enough HOW PROUD I AM OF YOU.

This is a true confirmation of the work you’ve done to support the blues throughout New England. You’ve tirelessly chosen to promote the musicians who keep the blues alive — and all appreciate your efforts. Now , it’s being recognized as a national and historic accomplishement. Congratulations to all who support the blues … You’re tops on that list Diana.
Art Simas

From: Mike and Nancy Smith
Good Morning Diana:
Excellent News! You should be very proud of yourself in accomplishing
getting the Blues Audience in the Archive in the Special Collection
section at the John Davis Williams Library. They wouldn’t have done it
if they thought your work wasn’t worth keeping. This is a SPECIAL
HONOR and we are happy for you.

From: Steve
This woman is the real deal. She sometimes singlehandedly keeps the live BLUES music scene alive in New England. RECOGNIZE HER AND SUPPORT HER!!!!!

From: Maggie
that’s is sooooo cool!!!!

From: Charlie
hi Diana,
Congratulations on your inclusion into the Dept of Archives!!
you really deserve it! yes you do!!
sincerly, Charlie

From: Josh
I saw the great news about the newsletter getting a permanent archive spot at the JD Williams Library at U of Miss. How outstanding is that!!

From: Holly Harris
That is wonderful news. I am so happy and proud . That is a big accomplishment-Holly

From: Nancy
Congratulations Diana!! You must be so proud! Keep up the good work!

From: “Vykki Vox”
That’s great news – glad to hear you are being recognized for all the hard work!

From: Nick Tsui
It looks like I started writing for you just in time when I did! What an honor to be archived like that. You must be thrilled, I know I am.

From: Jim
That was a nice letter you sent to the archives in Mississippi, Diana.
Good job! How exciting! I’ll try to look them up next time I’m down in Mississippi.

From: Holly H
That is wonderful news. I am so happy and proud . That is a big accomplishment-Holly

From: Harri
Dear Diana,
Very cool!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

From: Sunny Killoran
Congratulations Diana! That’s terrific news.

From: Charles Sawyer
Congratulations, Diana! This is a milestone for the Blues Audience.
I’m very happy for you, happy for the Blues Audience and happy for the
blues audience in our region.



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