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Johnny Winter

Johnny Winter lets his guitar do the talking at the Bull Run -by Nick Tsui A thin, albino, elder statesman of the Blues was aided up a small flight of steps to the stage. He sat down on a chair where he would remain for the rest of the night. Barely looking like he couldn’t…

Wendy and Joe

Smoken Joe’s

Publisher’s Note: More about Smoken’ Joe’s I spoke to Wendy on Tuesday the 23rd and asked her to tell me what was happening. “We were hoping to sell the business and move to another location but with all the trouble with the landlord we had no time to make that happen. Having dumped most of…


Raising The Blues…

the Blues musings of TJ Wheeler An Organization that is clearly “Raising the Blues” Blues Societies across the globe often have lofty mission statements describing their means to perpetuating the legacy of the Blues. The list includes Blues education programs, the creation of concerts, festivals, monthly newsletters and other methods of “promoting awareness of America’s…

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