Blues Audience Party

Chris Fitz at a TBA party

Chris Fitz at a TBA party

Chris Fitz was such a touper at the gig on Saturday night. He showed up on crutches try in to carry equipment and move monitors around. He sounded GReat on guitar and sang his heart out. He told me that the week before he had had terrible throbbing in his heel, which has been healing from an infection, never mind skinning it on a sharp water faucet in his shower. It just gave me the chills hearing about it. He is always in such good shape, he runs and takes good care of himself, it is very unusual to see him in a condition.

Chris Fitz at a TBA party

The E.F. Lane ‘s Chase Lounge is looking hipper these days, more like a club. They have a nice display of black and white photographs on the walls that gives the place more of a “Blues Club” feel if you know what I mean. It’s a self service place with a few big tables that can hold 8-10, so next time bring crowd and they will be glad you did!
Chris always puts his all into his show. It is what he does, he is a full time musician working almost every day of the week, sometimes two gigs a day, afternoon and night.

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September 24th 2010.

After spending the day running around getting the newsletter labeled and to the post office, I took an extra vitamin and headed down to Gardner, MA where I met Mike Michaels at his house and he drove us to Brighton with his trusty GPS (I could hardly understand it) and we landed in Brighton about 8:00. Big Jack Ward showed up, I was thrilled, he bought a few raffle tickets and WON the Mannish Boys CD, probably the best one for an accomplished musician like him.

We had a fun time at the Blues Audience Party at Smoken Joe’s BBQ with the Love Dogs! What a swinging band!

Smoken Joe’s is a cozy little club in Brighton, MA All the good food you would expect, and plenty of music,
7 nights a week. A consistent clientelle for the food, and the Blues fans that come from all over makes for a very popular, active and fun club. I met a lot of nice people there that night. We gave away lots of prizes in the raffle.

Smoken Joes
Ed Sheer at the TBA party
Ed Sheer plays the washboard
Ed Sheer plays the washboard
Alizon plays the accordion
Mario Peret at TBA party



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