Keeping the Blues Alive

 The Blues Audience Newsletter’s Publisher, Diana Shonk, was honored and flattered by HeatherFest with their first annual KEEPING THE BLUES ALIVE award! “It was a shock and a little emotional for me to hear what Nancy was saying about me and my newsletter.” She and Heather are so have always been so supportive of my efforts to help…

James Stanley

Festival reviews 2009-2010

Advertise your Festival in advance in The Blues Audience cheap, EFFECTIVE marketing for your event. Here you will find pictures from a number of festivals and the musicians that play at these events are so exciting and talented, it makes my head spin. White Mountain Boogie and Blues Festival August 2010 I wanted to show…

Eurodam ship

Rhythm and Blues Cruise

The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise I am still stunned with amazement by my trip to The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise to the Carribean this January 2011. It is a beautiful feeling being out on the high seas I can tell you. We were spoiled by the people who ran the ship and so…

Chris Fitz at a TBA party

Blues Audience Party

Chris Fitz was such a touper at the gig on Saturday night. He showed up on crutches try in to carry equipment and move monitors around. He sounded GReat on guitar and sang his heart out. He told me that the week before he had had terrible throbbing in his heel, which has been healing…

Diana Blue and Gordon

TBA party at the Cantab Lounge

Friday June 19 at the CANTAB LOUNGE! The Fatback Band with Diane Blue and Sax Gordon! For many years The Cantab was the home of Little Joe Cook “The Peanut Man” so called because he wrote a famous tune called “Peanuts” which has been recorded by many famous people over the years. My friend Mike…

Mathew Stubbs new CD cover

Matt Stubbs cd release party

MATT STUBBS CD RELEASE PARTY AND BLUES AUDIENCE PARTY AT TUPELO MUSIC HALL, LONDONDERRY, NH September 28, 2008 Talk about “making hay while the sun shines,” I have been making the trek (everywhere is “a thousand miles from nowhere” from my house) to clubs all over the place and I had the extra incentive from…

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